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Youth Conference



The conference experience includes 3 action-packed sessions held at the Wisconsin Center. Lights, music and live action will dominate these high-energy sessions. During the Opening Session participants will first experience DECA Fest as they begin their conference experience!  The Saturday morning session will be sure to energize you to get the through the day. The closing session will leave you energize for the entire DECA year that lies ahead!  More information on each speaker can be found in this packet.

Mobile Phone



Experience all that is DECA Fest with the conference app! This app will replace the traditional conference program and will include all the information you need to know while you are at the conference. It will be important that all conference attendees download the app before they arrive at the conference.




Following the opening session on Friday, attendees will be able to select (2) workshops on topics associated with DECA or expanding their leadership skills. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend (2) workshops from Industry professionals. More information on the workshops that are available will be available in the conference app.

UX Design Team



Develop your strengths…as an advisor! 

Be a part of the professional development sessions, custom made for DECA advisors! Advisors can learn and share techniques for improving their chapter and classroom experience. Join a session and start seeing more productive meetings, more successful competitors, and more effective officers!  And here’s your chance to engage yourself in project management as a DECA Advisor.  The sessions will be a combination of workshops on DECA activities and events. 




On Saturday evening, Wisconsin DECA invites all advisors to experience DECA Fest, the advisor edition! This is our opportunity to thank you for everything you do for your DECA members throughout the year! Enjoy live entertainment, refreshments, and great conversation!

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